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See what Rose’s clients have to say about how Rose impacts their lives. If you would like to speak to any of Rose’s references, please email Rose at Rose@Rosewetzel.com and they would be happy to speak with you.

E. and S. from Seattle

We are pleased to provide this letter of reference for Rose Wetzel, our personal trainer. Rose has served as our personal trainer since late November, 2007, when we joined Sound Mind & Body Gym. My husband and I train together with Rose twice each week. We are both from the Baby Boomer generation, in good health, and our goals for working with Rose include improving our strength, cardio-vascular fitness, agility, balance, and bone density, and losing weight. The progress we have made on our goals in less than four months working with Rose amazes us. We’re an infomercial for her skills as a trainer, coach and motivator. Lose pounds! Lose inches! Look at those abs! Look at those muscles! In only 90 days! We have worked with a personal trainer in the past, for several years, and did not accomplish then–when we were years younger–what we have accomplished under Rose’s training to date.Rose’s background as a state champion runner and four-year track and cross country athlete at Georgetown University is evident in the knowledge, discipline, intensity, and enthusiasm she brings to each training session. Her style is that of a coach–focusing on individual development, including lifestyle habits, eatting healthy foods, drinking more water, as well as an exercise program inside and outside the gym. At the beginning of each session, she asks how we feel, how we felt after the last session, and what exercising we have done on our own. She works with us individually to avoid strain related to prior injuries, but also to build and strengthen those areas where we have had problems. Rose is well prepared for each one-hour session and varies our exercises regularly, focusing on all muscle groups. She is fully engaged in each session with us, teaching and carefully monitoring proper form for each exercise, and always aware of the number of repetitions we have completed and the number we still have to accomplish! Her sessions are never boring. There is no question that we work much harder, more effectively, and safely under her training than we would on our own. Rose brings a delightful spirit to each session. She exudes energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for her work and our personal progress. She makes exercising fun at the same time that we are sweating and groaning through the third set of an upper body exercise or another round of lunge walks down the hallway. Rose has changed our attitudes from We need to exercise to We want to exercise and that is a powerful compliment to her abilities. We look forward to her sessions and also to working out at Sound Mind & Body on our own, between sessions.- E. and S. from Seattle

Rob O.

Where to begin? For as long as I can remember, my weight has been a source of shame. I was always the “chubby kid” in my group of friends who was teased and made the brunt of all jokes. Well, I internalized these words and feelings until I believed I wasn’t a quality person, that I wasn’t worth much of anything. So I ate. I ate to numb these feelings of self loathing. I used food to console me, as my crutch, as my comfort.Later in life, as I grew from within, I felt that my body was not growing with me. I was still surrounding my true self with the fat that covered me like a shield. Then, something finally clicked. Not a health scare, not seeing myself in the mirror….no, those were not enough. One word….airplane. It is a silly thing but is true. While traveling over the holidays, I could barely fit in my airplane seat….it was the closest I have ever been to needing a seatbelt extension!! My cheeks grew red as I glanced around me, and I realized, things had to change. I was finally ready for my true self to emerge. It was time to shed the excess weight that had plagued me for over 20 years. I felt strong enough to live as myself, without the barrier that my weight put between me and the outside world. That is when I met Rose.With the help of Rose, I truly feel I have been reborn. I have more energy for my friends, my work, and my life. As each pound melts away, I feel more positive. The exercise that I used to loathe fills me with inner and outer strength. Rose has changed my life in ways that I can’t explain. She has kept me motivated when the scale was not being kind to me!! She holds me accountable for my actions and is always encouraging me to push myself. I have turned a corner and I am never going back. Thank you, Rose, for giving me my life back. My inner self finally has a body he can love.- Rob O. (lost 70 pounds in 8-9 months)

Barbara H.

I am writing to communicate just how great Rose Wetzel has made my experience at the Sound Mind & Body gym and how she has been an integral part of my finally achieving a lifetime goal of mine. I came to the gym for the first time just 4 months ago, having just moved back to Seattle. I was seeking out the right gym for me. Rose greeted me with a smile and made me feel welcome and at home right from the start. That along with your beautiful facility sold me. Your club felt very different from the rest I visited (and I visited many!)I hit a milestone birthday this year and had vowed for the years preceding this one, to get back to being that athlete that I was in high school. Trouble was, after high school, I fell into the trap of not eating right, drinking and casually smoking. That and working from home the last 3 ½ years all put me in a place where I found myself in the worst shape of my life: almost 20 lbs overweight, getting injured repeatedly when picking up any athletic weekend activities/sports, worsening posture and little endurance. I wasn’t happy with the shape my body was in and I was in denial thinking I was still that athlete despite the way I had been treating my body. It was time to get serious about my health and acknowledge that I needed help in getting to my goal.After interviewing a few phenomenal trainers at SMB (they were all so very good it was hard to choose between them), I chose to work with Rose Wetzel. Her energy, and motivation were just a few of the qualities that made me choose her above the others. She is also very confident, knowledgeable, experienced, down-to-earth and sincere. I knew I had to give her a try.From the start Rose understood where I was at mentally with my fitness and worked with me to get past some psychological obstacles by encouraging and pushing me to where she knew I could get. We started out by discussing my goals, laying out a goal body fat % and she encouraged me to keep a food diary to stay accountable. She even checked in on me outside of our training dates to see how I was doing with weekend workouts to ensure I stayed on track. I ended up giving her the nickname ‘coach’. She really made me feel like we were ‘in this’ as a team. 11 weeks later, I reached my weight goal, the healthy way, by exercising according to Rose’s plan, cutting out poor food choices and controlling my portions. Now I want to get in even better shape!Today, I’m on my way to riding in my first ever endurance bike ride, the Seattle-to-Portland ride, in a little over a month and following that up the next month with my second ever endurance ride, the Ride from Seattle to Vancouver. I never would have been able to get this far without Rose’s plan and encouragement. I am almost at the point where I want to be with my fitness and feel confident that I will get there within the next few months..Thank you to Sound Mind and Body for enlisting such a great trainer! You both have changed my life!- Sincerely, Barbara H.

Michael Z.

I genuinely enjoyed the time I spent with Rose as my personal trainer. Her workouts are difficult enough to let you feel you are learning and challenging yourself but at the same time simple enough to never make you feel incompetent. I managed to correct flaws in my diet, many of which I was unaware of, and quit smoking while working with Rose. She is personable and energetic. I never felt rushed while spending my time with her. It was easy to push myself with her as my trainer, her energy is contageous. I give Rose Wetzel my personal recommendation if you are looking to make changes in your health and lifestyle.- Michael Z.