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  Finding satisfaction despite a disappointing race: thoughts on balancing a competitive spirit with a personal sense of accomplishment With nearly 20 years of racing under my belt, in a variety of race disciplines, I’ve had my fair share of both successes and disappointments. I feel as though I’ve seen it all and I’ve made every mistake possible. I’m not sure if this qualifies me as a wise expert with valuable advice, but just in case it does, here’s what I’ve got… As thousands of pro and semi-pro athletes got their Olympic Dreams ripped away from them recently, and as the Spartan Race championship season heats up, I see good friends of mine stressing out about how their track season went or how their Spartan Race season is going. And it got me thinking: at the top level, have we conditioned ourselves to be pissed with anything less than first place? And in doing so, are we completely missing out on a level of enjoyment we could have, even after a disappointing place? How can we develop resilience to deal with the personal and outside pressures to be the best, without losing our fire to strive for the top spot? A former Georgetown teammate of mine qualified for the Olympic […]