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Domestic Violence and the Need to Empower Girls

What I just saw saddened and maddened me. Running in a small-town park while road tripping from CA to CO, I heard yelling up ahead near a beat-up car. As I ran toward the sound, I saw a sickening sight: a human being beating up another human being. I made out a scrawny man with his shirt off,  kicking a voluptuous woman while she lay huddled on the grass, moaning. I ran up behind a tree about 40 feet from the two, my heart pounding, not knowing what to do. I flagged some bicyclists down to call the police, and used one of their phones to try (unsuccessfully) to get a picture of the license plate while the vehicle sped away, perpetrator and victim inside. I ran behind them for a block, and ducked behind another tree as the man jumped out at a stoplight to throw a button-up collar shirt on to cover up his tracks. Desperately trying to see and memorize the license plate, I squinted and simply couldn’t (damn astygmatism in my left eye). As the car sped off, my heart sank. I described to the police the vehicle and people involved as well as I could, but without a license plate number, the chances aren’t high […]