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My First Love: Speedy Track Races

It’s an Olympic year, with running in the spotlight! I’m feelin’ the need for speed, so I’m racing an 800 meter track race today, for old times’ sake – can’t wait! In 2012, I ran a 2:07.88 in the 800 meters, just one second shy of the 2012 Olympic Trials qualifying standard of 2:06.9. Knowing I had more speed in me, I planned to train harder and shoot for the Trials this Olympic year. Below is my favorite 800 meter race, from USATF Club Nationals in 2013, (where time doesn’t matter, only place/points). After a strategically conservative start of 69 seconds for the first lap, I kicked in hard in 63 seconds to win in 2:12 what would be my 7th of nine USATF Club National Championship titles. (I snagged one in the 5k and distance medley relay the next day.) What a rush, digging deep into third gear, blazing past the leaders with every ounce I had! Oh, the joy I found on the track for nearly two decades, sometimes racing five times a weekend! Little did I know that just one month after the race below, while racing my first obstacle course race, a whole new feeling of passion and challenge would be unleashed, stealing me from the […]