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2015 Spartan World Championship

Congrats to everyone who competed like crazy at the Spartan Race World Championship in Lake Tahoe, which just aired on NBC! I’m grateful to snag Top 5 in the world and second American in such an intensely talented field. Knowing how great the competition was and how much longer (3 hours) and more mountainous this race was going to be (when compared to my decade a and a half of training for 2-5 minute races on a track – haha), I knew I would have to train harder than ever to prepare my naturally speed-oriented body to be a challenger to my endurance-oriented competitors. This anemia-prone sea-level dweller had altitude as a looming adverse factor as well, so Tim and I sold our house and many of our possessions to move for a few weeks to Colorado so that I wouldn’t pass out at 9,000 feet. Training for a race so far outside of my natural wheelhouse was no small task for my coach, Yancy Culp, especially since I also wanted to maintain decent speed and strength for American Ninja Warrior. He wrote me creative workouts, however, challenging me in new ways, and taking me to the next level in the endurance world, and for him, I am grateful. (I […]