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Pressure is a Privilege

These past couple months, as I’ve been focused on the OCR championship season, (in which races suddenly get 3-4 times as long and mountainous as they are all year), I’ve caught myself watching videos of my fellow ninja warriors training on rings and bars, flying weightlessly through the air, swiftly from rope to ring, wondering how I can fit more ninja warrior training in. This month, I have the 4-hour, arduous Spartan World Championship, where I’ll be trekking up a mountain with heavy sandbags and buckets legs burning, and then, three weeks later, I get to be a part of a new American Ninja Warrior team competition, an intense 2-6 minutes of all-out back-to-back upper body obstacles that will fry my arms and grip. The length and types of obstacles in these two competitions could hardly be any different, which makes training very challenging. Anytime I find myself stressing out while mountain climbing (for OCR), thinking I should be rockclimbing (for Ninja Warrior), or vice versa, wanting to be the best at each opportunity, or at least MY best, I realize that this is a wonderful problem to have. Training for such different disciplines has made me a more well-rounded athlete, a characteristic I value. Pressure, they say, is a […]