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“Be Kind…”

World Suicide Prevention Day “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato Suicide, unfortunately, is a topic that is painfully close to my family. The night of my prom, an immediate family member of mine attempted to commit suicide by swallowing an entire bottle of ibuprofen. While I was dancing the night away with my high school crush, my loved one was in the hospital getting their stomach pumped of poison so they could have a second chance at life. Nobody in my family saw it coming. Now I realize the importance of knowing the warning signs: One of the reasons I like to smile at strangers, crack jokes often, and wear silly costumes is because I believe these actions are powerful enough to truly change someone’s life, much like this fellow human’s thoughts: I get a second chance with my loved one. You may not be so lucky. Be proactive. Reach out. Ask how someone is doing. Smile. Hug. Listen. Save a life.