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Taking The Fear Out Of A Disappointing Performance

(I’m not here to preach, simply to share, mainly because… I’ve been there). Over the years, I’ve developed a very healthy relationship with racing – one with just the right ratio of pre-race nervousness to excitement, and enough perspective to enjoy my day after a race, no matter what the outcome, “win, lose, or draw.” Like any competitive athlete who commits a large amount of time each week to training, I care about my performance. I get satisfaction from competing hard and doing my best. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I, (like all of my competitors, I’m sure) enjoy it even more when MY BEST ends up being THE BEST, rewarding me with a chance to stand atop the podium. On a day I race well and win, I have an extra bounce in my step, soaking up the kind messages I’m sent, and feeling proud that my hard work paid off. I do not, however, like to give any sub-par performance of mine the power to ruin my day (and the day of those around me) through pouting and oozing with negative energy. Why not? Because each day is truly a gift, and on my deathbed, I don’t want to regret the time I could’ve […]