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Dedication comes in many forms. For some, dedication is waking up at 4am to get their workout in before work, while for others, it means finding energy to exercise after chasing kids around all day. Last weekend, dedication to me meant going to the gym at 8pm for two hours on a Friday night, after a day of working (with in-person and online coaching clients), waiting at the hospital during my husband’s colonoscopy and driving him home, and then packing up our house to move across town. The hardest part, however, was not finding time or energy to get a long, hard workout in, but finding the energy to compose myself when, halfway through my workout, while on the rower, my wedding song came on, and I burst out crying in the middle of the gym. My husband’s procedure that morning had found a “likely malignant tumor,” and even though I had been mentally processing it all day, it hit me hard emotionally right in the middle of my workout. Exercise is amazingly therapeutic, though, so I carried on, with tears streaming down my face, and felt better. My husband is my biggest fan, and I will continue to train in earnest while he and I fight his tumor together. […]