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Self-Promotion Tips for Athletes

“You’re good at self-promotion.” Over the years, a handful of people have told me this and at first, I wasn’t sure how to respond. “Oh, no,” I used to think. “Have my Facebook posts about winning races been too braggy?” Friends and family have told me they enjoy hearing about my races, so I feel encouraged to share them. Plus, athletic success helps my personal training business. I’ve worked very hard to build a healthy level of self-confidence in my adulthood after my bed-wetting, insecurity-filled childhood/adolescence, though I don’t ever want to cross the line and become conceited (or even just come across as conceited). Later I realized, however, that people meant it as a compliment, as in that I’ve found a way to promote myself well, which is a skill that is highly valued in the world of endurance sports, especially if one is looking to get sponsored. Although I feel like I still have a lot to learn and improve upon, I’ll share my current strategy for those looking to improve their self-promotion skills. Keep in mind that I had never taken a marketing class until this year. These are simply the things that I’ve naturally/intuitively done for many years as a competitive runner and a small business […]