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Bahamas Spartan Sprint race recap


Last Saturday, I got to participate in the first-ever obstacle race in the Bahamas, an experience unlike any other OCRs I’ve done. Knowing there was an unusual amount of swimming in this race (and being from a big family where the last 4-5 kids didn’t get swimming lessons), I knew this would be a more challenging race than usual for me, but I could not pass up an opportunity to race in the Bahamas, no matter what my race outcome was! The morning of the race, we left the massive cruise ship in small boats and floated atop beautiful blue-green water until we arrived at a small, private island called Great Stirrup Cay. Even at 10am, it was so hot the racers crowded under any shady spot they could find. The elite women lined up and blast off the line at the sound of the gun. Despite racing against an amazing competitive field and having to suffer through three (small) swimming obstacles, I was in the lead a third of the way or so into the race, at the spear throw. I threw my spear beautifully, right into the smaller (and apparently denser!) than usual target, only to watch it fall out, in slow motion – noooooooo!!!!! Ugh. I began […]