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Periodize Your Season For Optimal Performance

For best performance results and in order to avoid physical and/or mental burnout, I try to stay relatively relaxed during races at the beginning of the season. I aim to build intensity as the season goes on with both my training and my racing, peaking at just the right time during the championship portion at the end. Don’t get me wrong, I still race hard during early-season races and care about how I finish; it’s just that I don’t taper as much or spend time strategizing and doing visualization exercises the day before. If I don’t finish quite where I’d like to, it doesn’t bother me as much in the early season as it does later in the year, when stakes are higher.  Early on, I remind myself that I’m still in training mode and that my best is yet to come. As with track and road racing (which I competed in for 16 years before converting to OCRSs), the obstacle racing season pretty much lasts the entire year, outside of a 6-week break around the holidays. This is much different than a 3-6 month soccer or basketball season. For athletes looking to perform well during the championship season near the end of the year, or anyone looking to last […]