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Competing With a Smile


After someone made a comment about how I’m smiling in this picture, my husband, Tim, shared this story: “I will give you some insight….Rose runs, and competes, happy; all of the time. She loves it, and she knows it is a privilege to be able to do this thing that she enjoys so much. As a quick example: in Dallas, the day after the team race was an individual race. Rose was over a minute ahead of everyone but then missed the spear throw. Jackie and Chikorita both hit the spear throw while Rose was doing her burpees, and she had to chase them down in to the festival area, where the last couple of walls remained. It was an exciting finish, but Rose ended up third. Afterwards, when I was talking to her, she still had a huge smile on her face (I thought for sure she would be disappointed about not winning seeing as how she was so far ahead). She said “Sure, I would have liked to have won, but that was the funnest third place I’ve ever gotten.” And there you have it. Competing happy.” It’s true. It’s not just winning that makes me smile; I find joy in competing, being healthy, being outside, and being […]