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2014 Spartan World Championship

What a race! Here’s a recap of the my race at the Spartan World Championship on Mt. Killington in Vermont on September 20th, 2014. Since it was my first year at this long, grueling race (15-16 mile with around 9000 feet of elevation), and since I’ve spent most of my athletic career training for races that last closer to four minutes than four hours, I went out conservatively, per the advice of Hobie Call, last year’s male champion. I had spent a couple of months training specifically for this race, adding in long hikes with a sandbag, though after hearing multiple stories of fantastic athletes going out too hard last year and dropping out of the race, I decided to be smart. I was in good position in the beginning of the race, nice and relaxed up the first hill, somewhere around 15th place or so, right where I wanted to be, with the goal of picking 3-4 people off each hour. About 20 minutes in, however, during the first downhill, which was steep, with bumpy terrain, I rolled my ankle worse than I ever have before, resulting in a purple (yet minor) sprain. At first, I thought it was going to be just fine and that I could run […]


What do you fear? Like the average human, I fear many things, though the things that freak me out aren’t the typical phobias. Heights and public speaking give me a rush rather than an upset stomach, and I make it a point to live my life in a way that I don’t fear the thought of death. I don’t even really fear failing, since I know it’s an inevitable part of chasing after goals. What do I fear then? I fear losing loved ones or seeing them in pain of any kind. I fear being forgotten. I fear getting emotionally hurt and getting physically injured. When it comes to racing, the thought of not winning does not stress me out. I’ve raced over 200 races in my life (track, cross country, road races, triathlons) and I’ve finished in first place well under half the time. With my first Spartan World Championship coming up, I’ve heard from experienced teammates that it’s the most ridiculously difficult race one can imagine. Last year, an Olympian, a 2:06 marathoner, and quite a few other accomplished elite racers dropped out a couple hours into the four hour, 13 mile obstacle course that traverses up steep black diamond ski slopes, plunging racers into frigid waters and […]