As a personal trainer, Rose discusses nutrition, hydration, sleep, and daily stressors as part of a holistic approach to health and fitness. Her personal training clients have lost 30, 55, even 85 pounds of fat, and they’ve gained noticeable muscle tone. When it comes to coaching, Rose’s philosophy involves working hard and balancing the hard work with adequate recovery in order to reach potential fitness without getting injured. She encourages people to listen to their body, take a day off when they need to, and take care of the little things that will allow them to be their best. More>>>

One of the most difficult things to do is stay on program. A lot of times we try, try and try some more but never seem to find our sweet spot. Rose will help put you on a program and show you how to main through a variety of techniques and overall life changes. The best part is Rose is there with you the entire time. She will make sure you keep to program and maintain and more important achieve. She will show you the way to your long term goals that will make you the best you can be and also make it fun. Check out these great success stories! More>>>